The first student Tiny village has opened in Saint Brieuc, France.

Version Française en dessous This month, September 2019, the “Ty Village” has open its door at 6 km from the nearby University of Saint Brieuc in the department of Bretagne. This is the first time students are given the opportunity to live Tiny while studying. Only five Tiny Houses are installed so far, but it’s... Continue Reading →

Zack Giffin: The first Tiny activist

Version Française en dessous As much as Tiny living is simple, getting there is nothing less than a struggle because of one issue: the land. Despite the growing interest, western countries struggle to legalize Tiny-Housing. Fortunately, some celebrities dare to use their fame to take this debate on the upper level and suggest solutions. This... Continue Reading →

A Huge trip for a Tiny Dream

Version Française en dessous First stop : The People's Tiny House Festival in Colorado Springs Our selfie with John and Fin Kernohan from United Tiny House Association The first stop was Collorado Springs, in Collorado State for the The People's Tiny House Festival from the 2nd to the 4th of August 2019. I will first... Continue Reading →

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